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Hair Color:
Cup Size:
8 months from now
About Me:
I am new here... My orgasms sometimes result in me laughing... and sometimes my body goes into complete euphoria as i channel my energy within and i am speechless
If I'm momentarily not online, then...:
I love to read, work out, and cook healthy food! Go on long nature walks and be in the mountains 🧚
What was the best party I ever attended?:
It was a fetish party... i got out of my comfort zone and i hung upside down by my ankles, and the professional spun me around while he gently whipped me! I loved it! Then later that night went to a hotel suite and did naughty things!
What is my favorite Sport?:
S…E…. X….. 🫠
In which city would I like to live?:
Caribbean Islands
What is my favorite book?:
How to win friends and influence people 🥰
How would a perfect date look like?:
Getting picked up with the door held for me. Eat some good food and then maybe if they treated me right and there is a sexual attraction… suck the soul out of their body 😇
What would I love to do at some point?:
Travel to Iceland, Kitesurf the Caribbean, Snowboard in Switzerland, travel the world and model in Exotic locations!
What would I take to a deserted island?:
My ring light, my phone, my vibrator, and some tanning lotion 😏
My dream partner looks like...:
Supportive and caring, who takes care of themselves.
The thing I like most on me...:
I love myself!! Everything from my hair to my feet. I am completely in love with who I am. 🥰
What are my best qualities?:
My eyes, my lips, my hips, and my dips 😉 I’m also funny and full of joy 🦄
Which kind of music do I like the most?:
Twerking music, Brazilian, Soca, Salsa, bachata, Sensual, Rock.... AND i love holding my body when i listen to meditation music and receive revelations of what my body and spirit share with me... everything depends on what mood i am in!!!
What's my favorite dish?:
Sushi 🍣😋
What I like most about sex?:
I like to be kissed sensually and to have my clit rubbed against when I am fucking. Eye contact is a must, and love the amazon and twix positions... i feel very powerful!
What do I dislike about sex?:
Non communication 👎🏻
My most exciting erotic experience::
My hottest experience was at a sex hotel with a guy we fucked for hours and he made me cum so much in 3 hours I squirted all over the bed. I felt so free to do it because that’s what you pay for at a sex hotel 🤪
What do I like to try?:
I like to try anything once 😋 I am still learning about anal and how to do it in the most pleasureful way possible. Also I want to shoot a ping pong ball from my pussy. 🥳
My favourite sex positions::
The Twix 😉
What are my sexual phantasies?:
I want to be fucked with a whole room of people watching me ride a big nice cock. I like to be watched 🤭
What was my most exceptional sex experience?:
Too many ... haha i have so many stories of my sex experiences and i am just getting started!
What was my hottest experience?:
My first threesome BGG, the other girl loved me and said i gave her multiple orgasms and i felt electric to her!
What's my job?:
Life Coach
My relationship status::
in a open relationship
What kind of pubic haircut do I have?:
Hollywood Cut (completely)
Where is my cam placed?:
office / home office
When and how often am I online?:
in the evening
Do I have body jewellery or tattoos?:
pectoral piercing
What do I do in front of the cam?:
striptease, masturbation, chat / flirt
Which characteristics do I have?:
romantic, lovingly, faithful, friendly, cosy, enjoying show-off, cuddly
natural, an Adventurer, a Listener
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