The contacts

Before you contact CamgirlsDB, please read the things below

All data including but not limited to images, videos, bio information are provided to CamgirlsDB by Affiliate Programs from sites we advertise.
CamgirlsDB don't host any images/videos all of them are stored on servers of appropriate sites we advertise.
CamgirlsDB bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the data, data is provided to us by appropriate sites and we only display them as we get them.


If you want to request for removal, please read how to request for removal.
Don't waste your time (ours too) invoking camsites rules that don't protect you or any law. Just read how you can request for removal and then contact us.


If you are a webmaster representing a webcam site, you must contact CamgirlsDB using an official e-mail address of that site. Messages from Gmail, Hotmail or any free email service will be ignored.

If you are a studio, use your official e-mail address. If you use Gmail, Hotmail or any free service as official email, please include a model verification on your message or ask your model to proceed with the request.

You can contact CamgirlsDB on following e-mail's

Normally we reply all e-mail messages within 24 hours.

Request for removal

Model removal

Before contacting us contact appropriate camsite that send us your data so we don't get anymore data about you (if you don't do this step next time they send us data they will appear again on our site).
If you wish to remove any material, you must identify yourself and prove that you are who you claim to be. To do so, you can simply take a picture of you holding a sign with the following written: "I am MODEL NAME and I want to confirm my email to CamgirlsDB". Attach this picture when sending your request.
Obviously, you have to replace MODEL NAME with any of your known nicknames. You do NOT need to include your real name. Do NOT send copies of your card ID, passport, driver's license or any other document. This is not required and CamgirlsDB will never ask you that.

Comment removal

Comments will be only removed if considered illegal or an insult to the model.
Moreover, CamgirlsDB has nothing to do with content or external links posted on comments.
However, comments can be reported for having links to sites with illegal/unathorized material.
If you wish to remove comments according to our rules please contact us.