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1 month from now
About Me:
I am a very smart girl, I have something to talk about, I like to talk about architecture, design, style, sexual pleasures, I will be glad to discuss with you your joys in life, I am open to new studies)
If we are momentarily not online, then...:
Usually we watch different films, but most of all we like films about superheroes)
What was the best party we ever attended?:
It was a foam party at our friend's, we were very wet and cheerful)
What is our favorite Sport?:
Tati likes going to fitness, and Aliya likes basketball and volleyball)
In which city would we like to live?:
We live in a cold place, but we really like warm weather, so when choosing a city to live in, California would be suitable for us)
What is our favorite book?:
We love to read different books, but one remained in the heart of both, this is the book by Stephen King "Land of Joy"
How would a perfect date look like?:
I think it would be cool if some sexy guy invited us to the mountains for the weekend, songs by the fire, a night in a tent, it's so exciting, complete loneliness in the big mountains)
What would we love to do at some point?:
Fun, lots of work and no less sex)
What would we take to a deserted island?:
If we talk about 3 things, it would be a fire starter, an ax and a couple of dildos for fun)
Our dream partner looks like...:
We believe that there are no ideal people, but our partner must understand us, love the same music, love fun and even the same breakfast as us)
The thing we like most on us...:
We like that we complement each other, we are like 2 halves of one whole)
What are our best qualities?:
We are reasonable and smart, as well as beautiful, what else is needed for a girl?) hahaha)
Which kind of music do we like the most?:
prefer rock, hip-hop, and indie music)
What's our favorite dish?:
We love Chinese cuisine, periodically change it to Italian))
What we like most about sex?:
During sex, we like the ability of a partner to feel our desires, mutual understanding, which makes sex sensual and hot)
What do we dislike about sex?:
we don't like it when a partner doesn't understand us and anal pleasures)
Our most exciting erotic experience::
Our hottest experience was when we rented a bdsm hotel)
What do we wish while having sex?:
we love when a guy is a little rude to perfectly show his masculine power)
What do we like to try?:
We would like to try sex with two guys, we already had one;)
Our favourite sex positions::
We love the doggy style pose, in this pose we get a lot of pleasure)
What are our sexual phantasies?:
we dream of finding a permanent boyfriend for sex who would completely satisfy us and love to play with our toys)
What was our most exceptional sex experience?:
The most unusual experience was also in the bdsm hotel, it was strange to come to a place where behind the wall someone spends their time just like we do)
What was our hottest experience?:
just after that same foamy party at a friend's)
What's our job?:
Our relationship status::
in a relationship
What kind of pubic haircut do we have?:
Hollywood Cut (completely)
Where is our cam placed?:
bed room
When and how often are we online?:
We will be here as often as possible
Do we have body jewellery or tattoos?:
heavily tattooed
What do we do in front of the cam?:
chat / flirt, dirty talk, masturbation
Which characteristics do we have?:
wild, lovingly, faithful, friendly, crazy, shy, cuddly
crazy, a Rockstar, inexperienced
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