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Hair Color:
Cup Size:
5 months from now
About Me:
Step into my room and I will take you to my fabulous world of passion. A place where we take each other to an unknown level , I am very natural and you`ll feel it like a date !
If I'm momentarily not online, then...:
I do a lot of sport, I work. , etc
What was the best party I ever attended?:
my besties Birthday party
What is my favorite Sport?:
the gym and strength training
In which city would I like to live?:
What is my favorite book?:
,, And Then There Were None" - Agatha Christie
How would a perfect date look like?:
You can't imagine it, it just happens
What would I love to do at some point?:
What would I take to a deserted island?:
a good company of course!
My dream partner looks like...:
Well built, I have to feel safe with him
The thing I like most on me...:
spontaneity and femininity
What are my best qualities?:
Funny, crazy, wild, spontaneous
Which kind of music do I like the most?:
If you have a radio at home i bet we listen to the same tunes
What's my favorite dish?:
What I like most about sex?:
Experience and to try out new perverse things
What do I dislike about sex?:
dominating partners
My most exciting erotic experience::
sex with a colleague at work on the desk
What do I wish while having sex?:
Attention, give me yours and you will receive mine
What do I like to try?:
Swingersex but for that i need a stable partner
My favourite sex positions::
Doggy , 69, riding
What are my sexual phantasies?:
Sex in a hot sauna
What was my most exceptional sex experience?:
The best extraordinary sex experience was in the balcony of a sea facing high rise hotel under light monso on rain and heavy wind.
What was my hottest experience?:
being caught while making out
Which fetish do I have?:
Who knows maybe you will be able to show me some new ones ? :-)
What are my fetish taboos?:
I draw the line when it comes to permanent damage thats for sure.
What's my job?:
My relationship status::
Who am I looking for?:
a man
What do I feel like doing?:
we will see
What are my hobbies?:
running, tennis, fashion, travel
What kind of pubic haircut do I have?:
Bikini Cut (triangle)
Where is my cam placed?:
living room
When and how often am I online?:
Almost everyday on here, try the afternoon hours or evenings during the week. When you have time on the weekend then i hope you like to get up early cuz i am here mostly in the morning hours.
What is my fetish role?:
Do I have body jewellery or tattoos?:
intimate tattoo
What do I do in front of the cam?:
chat / flirt, dirty talk
My fetish experiences are...:
domina, Femdom, very experienced, sadistic
What fetish practices am I doing?:
foot fetish, shoe erotic, nylons, role playing, education, humiliations, corporal punishment, spanking, bondage, muscles, blackmailing, money slavery, BDSM, cuckold, slave torture, breath control, drag, face sitting, crushing, Sox, golden shower games, doctor games, boots, verbal humiliation
Which toys do I have?:
collar, gloves, Boots, Overknees
Which characteristics do I have?:
wild, cheeky, faithful, friendly, crazy, shy, dirty
naughty, seductive, passionate
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