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Hair Color:
Cup Size:
3 months from now
About Me:
I am a leggy blonde with big blue eyes that you can drown in. Angelically beautiful, with a cute naive face and snow-white teeth. My plump, slightly parted lips are ready to kiss you. I combine femininity and wild sexuality. I am always in search of new sensations and pleasure ... I will become for you not just a lover, I will be a great friend who will support you in the most difficult moment.
If I'm momentarily not online, then...:
Every day from 8 pm to 4 am.
What was the best party I ever attended?:
Oooh it was a disco in the woods. We drank and ate and enjoyed ourselves in the open air.
What is my favorite Sport?:
I love sports ice skating.
In which city would I like to live?:
Amsterdam, Moscow .
What is my favorite book?:
I love reading books about psychology.
How would a perfect date look like?:
Mmmm dim candlelight. Classical music, French cuisine. White wine and moonlight kisses.
What would I love to do at some point?:
I dream of opening a small pastry shop :)
What would I take to a deserted island?:
Inflatable boat and alcohol ^__^
My dream partner looks like...:
I love men who can make me laugh out loud :)
The thing I like most on me...:
Purposefulness, romantic soul :)
What are my best qualities?:
honesty, kindness, punctuality :)
Which kind of music do I like the most?:
Classical music, pop, rnb
What's my favorite dish?:
woc, sushi, burgers :P what about you?
What I like most about sex?:
I love quick sex in public places
What do I dislike about sex?:
when a partner thinks only of himself
My most exciting erotic experience::
It was sex in a mall toilet.
What do I wish while having sex?:
I love slaps and when they take me by the hair.
What do I like to try?:
Sex on a deserted beach by the light of the moon.
My favourite sex positions::
doggy, 69
What are my sexual phantasies?:
I want to have sex in the pool :) like in the movie
What was my most exceptional sex experience?:
As I said, the most exciting sex happens when people are around. It was camping sex in a tent.
What was my hottest experience?:
mmm it was sex in the forest)) it is very exciting when you realize that you can be noticed by other people
What's my job?:
My relationship status::
What kind of pubic haircut do I have?:
Hollywood Cut (completely)
Where is my cam placed?:
living room
When and how often am I online?:
Hey sweetie :P catch me all week probably at night time.
What do I do in front of the cam?:
chat / flirt, dirty talk, striptease
Which characteristics do I have?:
romantic, lovingly, faithful, friendly, crazy, shy, cuddly
romantic, honest, passionate
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