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Hair Color:
Cup Size:
Penis Size:
9 months from now
About Me:
A woman with a lot to touch needs someone to cuddle here, do you like it big and soft? Wll then belive me i dont just talk about my figure :-P Do you liek it passionate and a bit spoiled? Well then trust me that we will get along pretty well
If I'm momentarily not online, then...:
Most of my time i spend in my garden, i love takingcare of flowers
What was the best party I ever attended?:
i generally think every party can be exceeded ;) but the best one till yet was in a swingerclub. i dont remember where it was but the feeling was just great ;)
What is my favorite Sport?:
I liek to pay Volleyball.
In which city would I like to live?:
In Moscow
What is my favorite book?:
I liek books of Paolu Cohello
How would a perfect date look like?:
id like to be surprised by you ;)
What would I love to do at some point?:
I always wanted to have a beauty salon
What would I take to a deserted island?:
My dog.
My dream partner looks like...:
Er should be good looking
The thing I like most on me...:
i love my female curves and big tits im a self-consious woman and dont hide my merits ;)
What are my best qualities?:
I am very patient.
Which kind of music do I like the most?:
Rock and Pop
What's my favorite dish?:
Greek food- sweet
What I like most about sex?:
I love role playing.
What do I dislike about sex?:
My most exciting erotic experience::
i hope that lies still ahaed ;) if you want to know more about my sexual experiences come to me id like to share them with you ;*
What do I wish while having sex?:
Respect and sensiitytiv
What do I like to try?:
To make a movie.
My favourite sex positions::
Doggy and 69
What are my sexual phantasies?:
my fantasies are very versatile ;) come to me so i can share them with you ;)
What was my most exceptional sex experience?:
Wil an older men
What was my hottest experience?:
I am witign for this one .
Which fetish do I have?:
im open for everythink. i like it very much when the man spoils my feet ;)
What are my fetish taboos?:
i have almost no taboos ;) but what i really dont like is pain and torment
What's my job?:
My relationship status::
Who am I looking for?:
a man
What do I feel like doing?:
we will see
What are my hobbies?:
i like to go out with friends and sometimes i like to party hard ;) if you want to know more about me come to visit me on chat ;)
What kind of pubic haircut do I have?:
Bikini Cut (triangle)
Where is my cam placed?:
bed room
When and how often am I online?:
I am here almoust every day during the week.
What is my fetish role?:
Do I have body jewellery or tattoos?:
intimate tattoo
What do I do in front of the cam?:
chat / flirt, dirty talk
My fetish experiences are...:
no taboo, domina, sadistic, Femdom, very experienced
What fetish practices am I doing?:
foot fetish, shoe erotic, nylons, role playing, education, bondage, drag, humiliations, blackmailing, slave torture, money slavery, BDSM
Which toys do I have?:
nipple clamps, clothespins, weights, Strap-On, dildo, anal plug, sex dolls, St. Andrew's cross, tape, handcuffs, plastic wrap, chastity belt, mask, collar, gloves, face mask, Boots, Overknees, Catsuit, latex/lacquer/leather/rubber, Wax, Food, Colour, Oil/gel, whip, riding crop, paddle
Which characteristics do I have?:
romantic, lovingly, faithful, friendly, crazy, cuddly, shy
natural, curvy, passionate
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