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Hair Color:
Cup Size:
9 months from now
About Me:
ill do roleplay suck my own tits and shoot and squirt my cum only for u baby.. i dont like rush show it doesnt make me feel horny okay ;)
If I'm momentarily not online, then...:
having time with my kids .. as a single mom.. or have time with friens sometimes ..
What was the best party I ever attended?:
well party in the club with many people having a great time....
What is my favorite Sport?:
In which city would I like to live?:
as of now my dream big city or country are Neww yorn city USA and switzerland
What is my favorite book?:
i dont have any favorite books
How would a perfect date look like?:
dinner date with special someone if i have lol
What would I love to do at some point?:
to travel in many countries
What would I take to a deserted island?:
oh yes away from social media just wanted to relax with no wifi ,just the nature and island.
My dream partner looks like...:
simple, the one who will accept me for who i am ..
The thing I like most on me...:
being strong powerful woman.
What are my best qualities?:
being real me
Which kind of music do I like the most?:
oh party music, RNB and love songs
What's my favorite dish?:
for me i love pasta
What I like most about sex?:
having romance .
What do I dislike about sex?:
the one who rushing
My most exciting erotic experience::
i had sex on any part of the house ...
What do I like to try?:
i want to try to adventure.
My favourite sex positions::
doggy, commissionary
What are my sexual phantasies?:
to have sex on a party club once i hope so ..
What was my most exceptional sex experience?:
give me that .. haha
What was my hottest experience?:
eating my pussy with a man with long tongue
Which fetish do I have?:
role play
What are my fetish taboos?:
not into
My relationship status::
What kind of pubic haircut do I have?:
Hollywood Cut (completely)
Where is my cam placed?:
bed room
When and how often am I online?:
monday - sunday 9am - 1:00pm
What is my fetish role?:
Do I have body jewellery or tattoos?:
intimate tattoo
What do I do in front of the cam?:
striptease, livesex, dirty talk
My fetish experiences are...:
no taboo, slave, domina
What fetish practices am I doing?:
deepthroating, golden shower games, humiliations, cuckold, spanking, drag
Which toys do I have?:
dildo, gag, Overknees
Which characteristics do I have?:
wild, lovingly, faithful, friendly, cosy, enjoying show-off, cuddly
submissive, romantic, seductive
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